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Certified Life Coach
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Hi my name is Todd Gordon
Founder & Creative Director
~ LifeClub180 ~

LifeClub180 is a Customizable Faith-Based
Coaching & Accountability Platform that provides
powerful tools, insight and mentoring using an easy to
follow 90 day program focusing on 13 specific areas.
As a coach, I help facilitate the process so you can
have greater success so it's really ALL about YOU!
And less about me which is how it should be.

This proven system is designed to enable today's
business professionals, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders
and youth of all ages to become the best that they can be
with increased resolve and commitment toward personal success, faith in God and a more purpose driven life.

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"Leadership Starts at Home"


We are building strong personal relationships and expanding our network by partnering with
communities across the US and Canada through faith based organizations, schools, chambers
of commerce, government agencies, universities and the private business sectors.

We are extremely encouraged by the support and guidance that we have received
from our academic peers and we look forward to serving one another as we continue
to discover better and more effective ways to develop ourselves and better our business
through solid, lifelong relationships and world class resources that are
sure to leave a legacy of excellence for generations to come.

Join us & let's build it together!

Platte City Missouri Chamber Member
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